Timeless Trail 2010


Hi Sconny,

I’m doing just the Timeless Trail. Afterwards I spend a couple more days in Athens then start the 10 day Greek Island Hopping tour.

I’m on the 5 August tour :slight_smile:


Hi Emma

I’ll be on the European Pioneer tour that starts the same time as your timeless trail tour (I think I calculated the days correctly - starts 15 Jul?) Anyway good to hear from someone else.


Hi Misch,

So close! But the Timeless Trail starts in London with the European Pioneer so i will be the tour that departs on 5 Aug.

Have only found 1 other person so far on the same tour so that would have been awesome!



2 friends and me are doing the timeless trail in May starting in London…

We are spending time in Italy and London before we start the tour so when it finishes we are just flying to hong Kong for a couple days and then flying back to Aus…

should be fun!! cant wait :slight_smile:


im pretty sure its the 5th or 6th of May…