Timeless Trail 2 Sept


Was wondering if anyone else will be doing the Timeless Trail on 2 September.
(Newbie Traveller) ;D


Hey there CP!! I will be joining you on the timeless trail on 2 Sept!!! I cant wait for the tour to start! Sooo exciting!!! ;D ;D ;D So you are from South Africa? Are you staying at the clink hostel on the 1st??? Look forward to ur reply :slight_smile:



Hi Verity,
Yes from SA, EXTREMELY excited as well, and I will be staying at the Clink on the 1st, I’ve already chatted to a lovely lady from NZ, who will be doing the European Pioneer (Timeless trail is the first leg of the Pioneer tour), and we thought we can do a little walking tour of london on the 1st, hope you’d like to join us? Is this your first tour? It’s my first, and I am out of my mind with excitement ;D :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile: :o for a moment there I thought I was the only one on this tour!!!
lots and lots of jelly tots


Hey guys,

Im going on the European Pioneer that leaves on the 2nd. The first half is the same as your trip!
Are you guys traveling alone? It’s getting so close now!!!



Hi Caitlin,
Yup, it’s so close!!! I’m still trying to figure out what to pack.
I’m travelling alone yes, not sure about Verity, I will be at the Clink Hostel on the 1st, hopefully wanna do some sightseeing in London for the day, how about you, when do you arrive?


Hey Collett! Soz i didnt reply earlier it was hard to get on here for some reason! Id love to join u guys for a tour of london!!! :slight_smile: What time are you arriving at the hostel? And yes this is my first ever Euro trip!!! ;D :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: So im soooooooooooooooooooo excited! Hahaha i was the same i thought ‘is anyone gonna write up about the timeless trail trip!’ So how many ppl will be going altogether if we have the european pioneer group to? 80?? Wow i cant wait!!! Yes im travelling alone Caitlin. So it be nice to get together with u guys in London. Can i ask u guys how much u reckon i should get in pounds for a day in London? Can u guys give me advice??? ;D

Cant wait to explore Europe with u guys :slight_smile:
Verity :slight_smile:


You can reach me on my facebook account im under Verity Coombs so add me guys! :slight_smile: Im hopeless with this forum chat! :slight_smile: Hahahaha i was going crazy that i couldnt reply back! :slight_smile:


Hey Verity,
No worries, I land at 7am, so I’ll probably be at the hostel at 8 or 9 give or take, should we meet at the hostel at 9? The hostel has a free walking tour, but I thought it would be more fun to get a map and do our own little tour, see where the wind takes us. Verity, when do you arrive?

Caitlin, would you be up for that?

oooh I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Hey Collett, I Arrive in London at 5.50am so ill probably get to the hostel at 7 or 8am? Yeah we should just go discover london for ourselves! We could get advice from the ppl at the hostel! Yeah i like being spontaneous! Haha :slight_smile: ;D


Hi V,
I likey!
So it’s ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! :wink:




My plane arrives at 5.55 am. Sounds like fun, cant wait to meet up with you guys!



Hey Timeless Trail Travellers!

Good to see there’s already a good mix of people on the tour including the folks from OZ. Should be an absolute blast and I’m itching for the 2ND to come around!

Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Liberty =)


Hahahahaha Hey Col, That is sooo what i say! Haha Yep on like Donkey Kong :wink: ;D
Hey Liberty Where abouts from Syd are ya?? :slight_smile: Im on Malaysian Airlines. I know im already thinking about my second trip to Europe and i havent even started this one!!! I cant wait! Getting really close now! Hey Caitlin I will wait for you at Heathrow if you want to?? I will be sooo lost it be good to have some company with someone… Ill be country gal lost in big city :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Cant wait guys! ;D


Bahahaha mind me Liberty im soo blonde i thought u meant ur itching for a second trip! Your gonna love me guys im sooo bloody stupid its not funny! Yes BRING ON THE 2ND!!! :slight_smile: ;D


haha love it! sounds good Verity meet at the airport - also country girl lost in big city, may as well get lost together!


Welcome Welcome Liberty,
Whatsup with these names, Verity, Liberty FABULOUS I tell you, just FABULOUS!
I’m out of my skin with excitement!!!
Hey Verity, no worries honey, you’re on the blonde side, I’m on the slow side, we’ll be FABULOUS together! B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Everyone,

   I am doing the Euro Pioneer tour? Anyone else?



Hi May,
Welcome, will you be staying at the Clink?


hey all,

So close now! Is everyone all packed and ready for an awesome trip???
Nice to meet you May :slight_smile: are you staying anywhere for anytime after the tour?

Very Excited!!!


Hey Caitlin! Hahaha nearly packed just a few things that need to be organised! :S Im sooo last minute! How exciting only two days to go!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! :smiley: YAY HOLIDAY TO EUROPE HERE WE COME!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: !!!