Timeless trail 2 aug


hi :slight_smile:

i was just wondering if anyone was doing the timeless trail starting on the 2nd of august…

like to hear from anyone…



Hey Jess,

I will be in your tour! When are you arriving in London? I’ll be there a week prior to the tour taking place and I was thinking that if you were in the same boat, maybe you’d like some company during your stay, I know I sure would! This is my very first trip traveling solo and I would love to be able to meet up with someone to do a bit of site seeing with, hear their stories, have someone to talk to… I’m anticipating that I’m going to be a bit lonely, but hopefully not. Anywho, if you’re looking to make a friend in London, I’ll be there on the 27th of July, Olympic start day (it’ll be utter madness for sure), so shoot me a reply back if you’d be interested in meeting up for coffee or doing some site seeing.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.