Timeless Trail 19th May 2011


I’ve booked the Timeless Trail on the 19th May 2011…just wanted to see who else would be going on this tour too? ;D



Hi Belle,
Me, my boyfriend and two of our mates will be on that tour too. am really looking forward to it :slight_smile:
are you doing other traveling before or after? or just doing the tour?


Hi Sarah,

My boyfriend will be travelling with me too. Were arriving a few days before the tour then staying for a few nights in Athens then heading to Paris and London for about 5nights each. What have you guys got planned?


Hey guys!!

I’m doing the European Pioneer starting on 19 May which I understand is basically the Timeless Trail but keeps on going afterwards through Eastern Europe and back to London. So I assume we’ll all be travelling together?

A bunch of us are looking to meet up on the 18th (and some ppl on the 17th) for a drink at the Clink so I’ve created a facebook group so we can liaise - search for “European Pioneer - 19 May 2011”.

Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I’m going on the Timeless trail starting on 19 May too, but I will be alone and am a bit nervous! Anyone else going there alone?


@belleWe will be staying an extra night in athens after the tour but then heading back home via dubai for a few nights.

@ Laura - that will be cool, we are staying at the clink for 5 nights or so before the tour to explore london, so will check out the facebook page for info closer to the time.

@leila- dont be nervous, were all there to meet new ppl and have some fun, even if we are starting off with ppl we know :slight_smile:

Yay not long now, only 5 more sleeps till im on a plane jetting to the other side of the world.