Timeless Trail 18 Aug - 7 Sep


Hi all,

I’m heading on the Timeless Trail on the 18th Aug and was wondering if anyone else was? Would love to meet people before the tour!


Jen :slight_smile:


Hey Tim,

Nice to know i won’t be the only one travelling alone!!! Not long to go now. i’ll shoot you an email



Hi guys,

I’m on this trip too! Travelling with my friend Kortney. Looking forward to meeting you guys. So excited!!



HEy Bethwyn!

Yay! so great to be able to meet people before the start of the tour!!!


Hi guys,
I’m actually doing the European Pioneer with 2 of my friends but it seems your tour is the first half of ours so I’d imagine we’ll either be travelling together or right alongside one another!
Not long to go now, getting very excited :slight_smile:


Hey Bec,

Yep i think you are right! we are on the same trip for the first half. My friends asked the other day when i was heading off and i counted and it was 40 days (at that time)! so didn’t realise how quickly it crept up!


Hi Guys,

I am also doing the Timeless Trail with 2 Friends
We are all from Perth and in our early 20’s. Would be good to get to know a few people before heading off :slight_smile:




This is so exciting, getting close now :slight_smile:

When is everyone heading to London and where are you staying before the tour starts??

Kortney :slight_smile:


HI :slight_smile:

My Friend Michelle and i are checking into the Clink on the 15th, Our friend Tenille will be in the UK for two weeks before us.
Is anyone else staying in London before the trip??

Taylz :slight_smile:


I fly in the afternoon before the tour :frowning: and going to be catching up with friends who live in London. Think i will be staying at the Clink the night before though.



Hey Taylz,

That’s what Beth and I will be doing too :slight_smile: Staying at the Clink as well, so would be great to meet you before.

It’d be funny if we’re on the same flight are you leaving from Perth?? We leave Perth on the 14th at 12:30am. I’m so nervous about the long flight, never flown that far :S but going to be so worth it!

31 Days :slight_smile:


Hi Kortney,

Yay this is exciting :slight_smile: We are leaving from Perth on the 15th at 6am dont get into London until 6.30 that night. Apparently there is a party at the Clink on the 15th, Not sure how i will cope with that after such a long flight :expressionless:


Hi everyone :slight_smile:
Well one of my friends doing the trip and I live in London but we have another friend coming from Sydney so the three of us are also staying at the Clink since it’s such an early start on the 18th!

So exciting to meet everyone- I’m assuming we’ll all randomly meet one another at the clink the night before we leave by the looks of this!



Hey! My earlier posts got deleted :confused: I’m on this tour too, hitting london 15th august and staying at the clink :slight_smile: hope evrryones pumped!


Hey ya

my other half and I are doing the European Pioneer ( which is part of this tour ) as well !!!

counting down the days now till we leave Australia !!!