Timeless Trail 17/Sept - 7/Oct


Hey there[br][br]Im from friendly New Zealand and I’m on the Timeless Trail, starting 17 Sept in London, finishing 7 Oct in Athens. [br]Looking for any other members of this tour for a chat? Flick me an email kiddletts, not long to go! :p[br][br]Cheers[br]Joelene[br][br]


Hey I think I join on your tour on Oct 2 in Athens! mine is the Great Eastern. I hope mykonos has good weather while we r there :O[br][br]Great Eastern 2009[br]Athens - Prague[br][br]Oct2-Oct18


Hey there[br]Ive heard Mykonos is a great spot. Im really looking forward to it. [br]Sunny days would be lovley, make the most of being in the Med![br]Looking forward to meeting up with you! [br]You travelling by yourself?


Yeh all alone, same with you ? You guys will probably be having a great time by the time my tour gets on board with you guys![br][br]Great Eastern 2009[br]Athens - Prague[br][br]Oct2-Oct18