Tight Budget


I miscalculated how much I’d have in time for my trip so I’m budgeting at about 40 euros per day for the big cities and 25 euros for driving days, am I crazy? I’m not really interested in the optional activities, not much of a drinker either. Will this cover a decent meal, museum entry and the odd souvenir? Or am I really going to struggle?


Which trip are you going on Grace ?


Winter Express :slight_smile:


I just got back from a trip where I budgeted 40 euro a day. I came back with over 200euro, so yes it is enough. You just have to be careful, buy snacks and water from supermarkets especially for drive days. The stuff at the gas stations is extremely expensive. My travelling partner and I were not big eaters so at some restaurants we would share a pizza. We didn’t go into as many of the paid sites as we planned because we didn’t want to waste so much time in ques. We did 90% of the optional activities, just didn’t do the more expensive ones. I would actually recommend not skipping one of these that sounds good to you because of money, unless of course it is very expensive. We did not drink a lot either, every time we went out we stopped at one or two drinks. If you are careful, it’s definitely possible.


We budgeted 40 euro for driving days as well but if we used 5 euro it was a lot


I returned from a Trip in late August. 40 euro is plenty for Travel days. If you can buy stuff at supermarkets servos are really expensive, but sometimes when you just want a coffee you have to suck it up. Also sometimes gas stations are all there are for ages. I had saved for 2 years for my trip so I budgeted 100euro a day and I came home with a fair bit. Even though you said you weren’t going to do any optionals I would recommend doing some of them, they are worth it. Like the Third Reich Walking Tour in Berlin, or the Cabaret in Paris (if it is offered), or the Caves in Slovenia if you go there. I hope you have an epic trip.