Thread about education/schooling/teaching/Universities/Academies

Just curious what are the Universities/Academies that could provide the best, or, at least, qualitative education? Where did you study?

(P.S. I don’t even know where to post this thread, sorry for my curiosity)

Well, my opinion is that any university can provide good studies, as long as you have the motivation and keep learning by yourself. It is very important to study daily, to practice and you can make it almost anywhere. I finished my studies at, and I had the proper motivation through all the years, that’s what made me successful. Good luck to you, friend

There are many institutes and school but they have different quality of teaching. Most of the institute are famous for their name. But the quality and policy are zero. I have don my degree from Melbourne I think it is good city to complete your study. I have my business of EssaywritingNetNz. It is an essay writing service. When I was in my college i had very good power to learn easily and now this is a result of my hard work.