Those who took laptops/notebooks


I have just bought a new notebook to take on holiday so I can check emails,book accommodation etc, and stay in touch with family.

Question for those who have taken them or know about places in europe.

are most hotels wireless wi fi or do you still need a telephone ethernet cable port to plug into.

I’m going to be doing a tour of italy with another tour company before my top deck euroclub tour and will also spend sometime in london.


id like to know this too i was thinking of buying an ipad or something but im not sure if i should just get a international sim card for my iphone (if u can get one for iphones)


London has free WIFI in most places! Last time I was there you could get net access in the park, the pubs, the tube station. The backpackers I stayed at had free wifi too.

I have a netbook, but am tossing up whether or not I should buy a tablet???


im thinking the same thing. im getting an ipad as a going away present so i can keep in touch with everyone but im not taking on my 49 day trip in europe… just in case. ill be leaving it with relatives (whom i havent met yet).
i know you can get sim cards for iphones over there, i read it in one of these discussions, just make sure your provider un-locks the phone before hand otherwise youll be screwed :wink:


i took a netbook on my last tour back in 2010… was very handy, but found i was using my iphone more frequently… hooking up to wifi (either paid or free)… next time I’ll take my ipad…
Good suggestion above about unlocking your iphone before you go… i didn’t realise mine was looked until i got to london! sort of felt lost not having a mobile phone for a month but managed without it!.. wait till you get there to get a sim card, the ones you buy in Australia for overseas use are expensive compared to what you can buy over there…