Thinking of doing the Europe Unplugged 2013


Hey All :slight_smile:

So after (not) much thought I am going to be doing the Europe Unplugged Tour in 2013. Based on my working schedule it’ll probably be August/September time.

Anyone got thoughts/opinions on this tour? How busy is it at this time of the year? (thinking end part of school summer hols/during school time = so slightly outside major holiday time)

I’ve done similar stuff like this in America but not Europe, so for me this is slightly unchartered territory - the language thing specifically, but hey ho, you only live once right? :slight_smile:


hey traveller13 ive just come back from europe unplugged and it is amazing, if you need any advice or info then just ask :slight_smile:


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Hey :slight_smile:

So based on how many days I need to take off work I’m definitley doing the Europe Unplugged tour, infact, I’ve already booked it! Very excited.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the trip, do you have a favourite moment/place? I’m trying not to think too much about what we are going to do on it so I don’t build up this great expectation and maybe be dissapointed if you know what I mean. But What I really am looking forward to is going to visit Mauthausen. I really love History, I find it fascinating, so for me it will be really interesting to get to see and understand what Mauthausen represents.


the worst campsite we stayed in to be honest was french riviera your right by a main road and train line so be prepared for a rough sleep and earplugs definite.

make sure to take a power board with you as everyone tries to charge everything on the bus which nearly caused a ruck, we charged our stuff in the tent when it was dinner and breakfast and worked alot easier.

mauthausen is really good! its very moving and def get the chills around the grounds, it can upset alot of people but if you experience it once then go for it

Paris and prague were basic

lauterburnnen was awesome, views around were amazing and they have a bar but would recommend walking into town which was roughly 10 mins and alcohol was very cheap!

some places which for 6-8 euros a night can upgrade to pre made tents which was awesome only in florence and rome. all italy campsites were amazing some you may need small money or a token from the shop

munich in setember was freezing! make sure to take warm clothes but hopefully they organise to take you to haufbrau house for pork knuckle and stein, its epic!

prater park in vienna is amazing and make sure to take some money for the rides

berlin hostel is amazing and right by the east side galleries(berlin wall) make sure to walk down and go into the Jamican Area called Yaam

amsterdam we couldnt get the hostel upgrade but campsite was reasonable but you can get alot of time and if you plan it right get a coach back with the group or make your own transport back which in few places were easy but can be a nightmare!

all i can say is the money you pay you defninitely get your moneys worth, an hour before you get to each destination you get a history lesson of the cities you stay in and then either a driving or walking tour that night which is awesome

DO NOT do fat bike tyre tour in paris, we basically went everywhere our tour leader night before on a city lights tour with history again and this fat bike took us to same places didnt learn anything and got a beer from shop and had a 1/2 hour break in the park when we paid to explore paris

if theres anymore info then let me know :slight_smile: