Things to do while visiting Dubai


Seven star properties, world’s tallest tower, underwater hotels,
man made islands, Dubai has everything that makes this place an
attractive tourist destination. The Place has multiple sunny
locations and beautiful landscapes. The City has manifold of tourist
attractions with glamorous advanced append roam approximately the
Bastakia District and you can discover old Dubai. Dubai has a highly
hospitable environment. We are listing attractions in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s milestone attraction currently one of
the tallest buildings in the world. Building can provide you a
breathtaking bird-eye perspective, which is simply astounding. The
observation deck experience comprises a multi- media presentation on
both Dubai and the building of the Burj Khalifa, high-speed elevator
takes you to the observation deck for those who want to have a
comprehensive view from the skyscraper of the desert on one side and
the ocean on the other. Burj Khalifa is popular for its Nighttime
visits are predominantly popular with photographers due to Dubai’s
famous city light panoramas.

Location: Entry from Dubai Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown

Dubai Museum

To have a comprehensive look at the Dubai’s culture, Dubai’s
Museum is located in Al-Fahidi fort , Build in 1787 to defend Dubai
Creek. The fort made up of coral blocks and merged with the
lime. In addition, the wooden poles called as Handles support the
upper floor, this fort has served as an abode for the ruling
families, seat of government. Museum extensively renovated in
1995 is now Dubai’s premier Museum.

Location: Al-Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai


Built in late 19th century Bastakia Quarter was the home of
affluent Persian Merchants, who were engaged in dealing in textile
and pearls. Tax-free trading and the access to Dubai Creek wad the
factor that attracted tourisms to the Dubai. Bastakia part occupies
the eastern segment of Burj Dubai all along the creek and the coral
and limestone buildings. Wind towers provided the homes here with air
conditioning. With the wind trapped in the towers funneled down into
the houses.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek divides the city in two towns with Diera to north and
Bur Dubai to the South. Creek played a pivotal role. Fishing
and pearl dive is a main attraction here. Alongside the creek, small
villages have grown almost 4000 years ago. You can find tourist boats
here or you can also hire an ‘Abra’, which is a small wooden

Deira Souks

The Place is located on the northern bank of Dubai Creek and the
winding streets here unveil the melt pot of diverse nationalities
that calls Dubai a home. For tourist Diera is renowned for its
time-honored souks (markets), the market is bustling with shoppers
all times of the day. It also houses the world’s largest Gold
Market, hence it received a name ‘City of Gold’. This place is a
heaven for the shopaholics you can get all types of Jewellery in the
extensive variety that include traditional as well as modern

Bastakia Mosque

Bastakia Mosque can appeal the photographer in you. One of the
most photogenic Mosque’s in Dubai it has beautiful latticework and
detailing which gets more beautiful by the pure white façade. You
can witness last remnants of Dubai’s city walls.


Nice post Galagali. Dubai never fails to amaze people from any age group. Whether you want to go on a desert safari, or do some zup boarding stuff, or dirt bike your motor, or trek out some terrains, Dubai welcomes you with something more than it has.


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