Things to do in London


Hi everyone,

I have 2 days in London before my tour in June. I’m staying at Clink78 & traveling solo.

I’m looking for suggestions and recommendations for things I could do/see for 2 days while in London. Do you any suggestions?



Hi Matt

There’s so much to do in London!! It would be hard to narrow it down to what can fit into 2 days. I definitely recommend going to Westminster Abbey and Tower of London. Other than that, it depends what you’re interested in. I suggest looking on or search on the tripadvisor forums for recommendations about what to do in 2 days.

Good luck. I’m sure you’ll have a great time whatever you decide to do.



Hi Matt,

I’ll be staying at the Clink by myself before my tour too! Which tour are you doing and what dates will you be at the hostel?



Hey guys,

I’m also staying at the Clink by myself before I go on the tour, and I have 2 days in London aswell!

I’m going on the Spirit Of Europe tour that starts on the 19th of June, what about you?



Hi Matt,

I’ve been preparing well in advance for my Topdeck Tour in September and found the following website: You can see up to 55 attractions for free on this pass, plus you skip the lines and get a free guidebook! I just purchased a pass online and you have the opportunity to pick it up in London or pay a postage fee to get it sent back home.

Another thing I found was you can combine this with another attraction such as Madamme Tassauds, London Dungeon and London Aquarium.

Good luck



Hey Ange, that London Pass sounds good. Another handy thing i’ve found is the Oyster Card, you can pre order it online from loaded with pounds and it enables you access to all the main tube stations, buses and trams in London.
Mary, i’m doing the Classic Europe tour- having trouble finding any solo travelers, in fact- any travelers period doing the same tour. Hope you enjoy yours :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

London is such a lively city!!! There’s a load of things to do…though sometimes activities can get pretty pricey.

Check out this website for free things to do in and around London during your visit:

Of course there’s all the list of ‘must-do’s’ in London as well, such as:

London Eye
Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace
The Tower of London
Tower Bridge
Shopping on Oxford Street & Regent Street
A visit to Primark! :slight_smile:
Walk through Hyde Park
Big Ben & Westminster Abbey
Trafalgar Square
Covent Garden
Walk along the Thames
Houses of Parliament
And loads of different markets!

Happy sightseeing :slight_smile:

Topdeck Team


Hi everyone,

thanks for the tips and website links - I’m sure they’ll come in handy!

Dom - I’m staying at Clink on 11, 12 & 13th June with my tour starting 14 June. When will you be there?



Hi Matt
I’m on the Spirit of Europe Tour (June 14). Is that your tour too?
I arrive in london on the 11th but I’ll be staying at clink the night before departure, also traveling solo. Msg if u want to meet up!

  • Ellie


Hey Matt,

You’ll just miss me! I’m only at The Clink from the 4-7th of June and then i start my tour.
Hope you enjoy yourself :slight_smile:



Hi ang noticed your post mentioned you were doing a tour in september im doing the spirit of europe which leaves on the 20th from the clink ,doing it solo so thuoght id touch base with some people that are going on the same tour. :slight_smile: chris


Hi Chris. I’m doing the Grand European Tour which departs 6th September, so unfortunately we will miss each other. Try the new facebook page on Topdeck “Meet others” someone may have already posted the tour or if not start a post yourself. Good luck :slight_smile:


Ange the Londonpass looks really good. I am doing the Britain & Ireland tour from Aug21st-Sep3rd, but getting there day early and staying 1 day extra after the trip. I am glad that the two day pass is the same price as if you bought 2 -1 day passes. Coz I have to buy one for the first and one for the last day separately. Oh can’t wait to get there. 29 more days. Gah!!!


Totally agree with the admin above…there’s so much to do in London if you know what you’re looking for. Time Out are a great source of information as well, and they’ve got a guide to upcoming London events

online at the moment that looks pretty handy.

Make sure you do plenty of walking (you don’t see anything on public transport) and visit some boroughs further out like Camden, Shoreditch and Brixton. Happy travels!


Gday guys and girls i am in london 5 days before i leave for my tour on the 27th of december things to do travelling solo 22 year old male and will be in london for xmas


I spent like a week and a half in London total before and after my tour, and I could have spent another month without struggling to find something to do. Funnest and relativity cheap night out I had was the Comedy store in Piccadilly.


London is really a nice place to visit. I visited there 2 to 3 times. Out of all London Eye is amazing. ::slight_smile:

National gallery and tower of London are other of my favorites.

Also see parliament hose at night, its wonderful. B-)


buy a hop on hop off bus pass that includes a cruise on the river thames and take in London that way If you are there in the summer months you can also do a London by night tour.


I’m staying at the Clink 9th - 12th June 2012. My Grand European tour starts on June 12. Yay!


If you don’t mind walking there’s some free walking tours available (google them)… they were fairly good and a good start to a few days stay in London… being free i didn’t think they would be much chop but there was probably 60 people that arrived for them, we then got split up into smaller groups of about 10-12… each with their own guide… these guys work off tips, I had no issue handing over 10 pound at the end of it (was a few hours)…