Things to Do in London and Europe


Hi Guys
Im doing the European wonder tour solo :slight_smile: In August. Leaving on the 11th returning on the 24 or 25.
I arrive into london on the 9th of August and leave on the 28th. So if anyone is around on these date and want to hang out id love to join :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Just wanting to know what is a must do over in London and Europe (france,switzerland,italy,austria,germany,netherlands and belgium)?
Iv Been looking but i want other peoples ideas etc…
Any help is alot of help to me :slight_smile:

Cheers guys
Tash :slight_smile:


Hey Tash,

This thread might give you a few ideas for what to do in London:

Happy travels!
Topdeck Team


hi, i did discover europe last year and these are the things i enjoyed in europe

Louve and notre dame in paris
Colloseum in rome, gondella ride in venice
Spanish riding school in austria was good and the orchestra optional ( we were only there one night so didnt see much!)
Walking tour of berlin is great, the tour guides are very good and we walked along the berlin wall and saw all the murals drawn and signed our names on the wall!
U may have to prebook to do tour of anne frank house in amsterdam if u want to go there, it was very busy when we were there.
I say try to do as many optionals as u can that way u can enjoy as much as u can, the topdeck guides are good for places to go if u get stuck