The weather in NZ


Hi all,

I am starting to get worried about the weather in NZ at the moment. I leave for a tour in four weeks and i really hope that it stops snowing so that i can get to NZ.

I don’t mind it snowing while i am there but it will be really bad if i can’t go on my hoilday.


Im a Kiwi living in London the past 3 months heading back home soon.

It has NEVER snowed in Aucks so I wouldnt be worried about it if your going there.

It may still be snowing in Queenstown etc though but its heading into summer time there YAY

Enjoy the most beautiful country in the world.


Haha Haley. Up until Monday I would’ve agreed with you. But we got snow in Auckland!!! Admitedly it was only very light & not even enough to settle in most places - but it was still snow in Auckland lol.

Kylie, it is very cold here at the moment. There has been lots of snow in the South Island & quite a way up the country in the North Island. We are experiencing a polar blast as the weather people are putting it but they say that should be over in a few days. As long as we dont get any more extreme weather then you should be fine.

Just make sure you wrap up warm - its very chilly outside.


Thanks for the advice Tracey.

I have a warm and fluffy coat on order, so that should keep me toasty. It did in Europe last year.