The weather in europe in september


I’m going on the europian getaway on the 7th of september and have no clue on what clothes to pack. Will it still be warm then or starting to get cooler as it is autunm then.


It depends where you are going really… I was in the south of France a couple of years ago in September and it was beautiful, around 26 degrees each day, definitly shorts and tshirt weather. But towards the end of September when we were in Paris and London it was pants and jacket weather so you should be prepared for both. If you layer your clothes you should be fine :slight_smile:


thank you. I start in london and head through switzerland, france, italy, czech republic, berlin , amsterdam the back to london.


the closer to the equator you are the warmer it will be, so i would think it would be ok in italy but in czech republic, berlin and amsterdam it will be cooler. but maybe someone who has been to those places can help you more :slight_smile:


thanks again.


im a bit nervous. travelling by myself on the europian getaway. hoping atleast one person from my tour joins this forum so i can get in contact.


COLD!!![br]lol, i went in july last year and froze when in london, paris and switerland! had to buy some warm clothes while over there (i’m a QLD so the cold gets to me!) but in italy it was really warm, like QLD summers (eg 30 degrees… hmmm so nice!) i’m traveling in europe in sept this year too so i’m guessing that by septmeber it will be cooling down so bring a decent coat and some warm jumpers to layer![br]happy travelling