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Has anyone heard of this card? ANyone ever used this card?

What did you think?


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An Oyster Card or Travel Card will help you to move easily, quickly and economically around LondonÂ’s Public Transport network. You can also use your Travel Card for travel into the city from Heathrow Airport using the Underground.

Definitely worth a look into - (we use the Oyster card everyday to get to and from the London office - very handy and cheaper than buying daily tickets :slight_smile: )

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My name is Rumina, I work for VisitBritain (the British Tourist Board).

A travelcard is a travel pass you can buy in any London Underground station which allows you to travel on the London Transport system (tube, buses) for the period you buy it for (1 day or 1 week).

An alternative to the travel card is the oyster card. This is a “pay-as-you-go” card which will only charge you for the journeys you make. So for example if you buy an off-peak travelcard for central London this costs £6.60 but if you only go on one journey during the day(which costs £1.90 on an Oyster card) you have already paid the full amount for a travel card. In this case you could have saved money by buying an Oyster card as it would only have charged you for the one journey you made.

If you make lots of journeys on the Oyster Card, it will cap the amount it charges you at £6.60 anyway so overall the cost will not be higher than a travelcard.

You can buy your Oyster Card in any tube station or if you wish to purchase in advance, you can do so at VisitBritain. We have a shop especially for New Zealand so you can purchase in NZ dollars.

Oyster Card

I have also put a link to our London Transport FAQs if you want more information on travel cards / oyster cards

London Transport FAQs