The night before/after tour


I have booked to go on a grand european tour in May next year and just wondering from past travellers if it is do-able to get to clink the morning of the tour without staying there? Are buses going that early? Also is there something at clink the night before the tour, a meeting or pre-meet or anything? If there is I would probably prefer to stay so I can go to that.
After the tour would you suggest staying at clink or would buses still be running to get to other accommodation?
Thanks for your help!
Sally :slight_smile:


hey Sally
for me it was really nice to stay the day before just because the bus does leave early morning. but if this is not a problem for you its not really needed. my trip didn’t have any pre meet up or anything that i know about but i did meet a few people in my room on my trip so that was nice but the clink also has things going on every night of the week. i also stayed a day after the trip, even though some of out trip mates had left from Paris those who did go back to London went across the street for a couple of pints or until they closed up… now i cant remember ha ha. but that was my experience, it all depends on what your plans are. but i enjoyed the pre and post accommodation and was cheap compared to staying anywhere in the states.
Garett ;D