The Maple Trail - 19th June 2017


Hey everyone! I’m from Australia. Just seeing if anyone out there is on this trip? Pretty keen to get in a nice cold Molson Canadian! :beers:


Hey Lizzy! I’m from Sydney and I’ve also just booked to go on this trip - sounds like it will be a great time! Are you travelling solo? Where abouts in Aus are you from?


Hey Ally! I’m from Adelaide. The trip looks amazing, heaps excited to see the East Coast.
Yep, I’m a solo traveler. How about you?


Yeah it looks so good - really looking forward to it! I’m also travelling solo for this bit (it’s in between travelling with friends for me, so thought it would be the best way to do it!). Will you be in NYC before the tour starts?


Oh nice, I’m sorta the same situation. Meeting up with my mate who lives in Vancouver after the tour.
Yep, I’ll be arriving in NYC a few days before hand, which I’m a little nervous about to be honest, haha. But I’m thinking of staying in the hostel Topdeck use during that time. Are you arriving early?


Ah NYC is amazing - definitely no need to be nervous, you’ll love it! i think i’ll also try to stay at the hostel that we’re leaving from, the night before. So we’ll have to meet up and grab some drinks that day! Have you got the topdeck app? Apperently it’s good, and has a chat function! I’ll try to find some time to get it at some point today :slight_smile:


Oh, have you been to NYC before? Awesome. Yep, I’m keen to meet up for a few drinks before our tour! :slight_smile:
I do have the app, haven’t really spent much time using it yet though. Have you got it yet?


Hey Lizzy, im from Brissy! also doing maple trail, get to New York the day before :slight_smile: