The London Pass?


Hi Guys,

I’m gonna be in london a week before my tour and gonna check out all that london has to offer. I’ve had a look into public transport passes and found “The london pass” Its 107 pounds so about $177AUD and that gives you access to public transport and 55 attractions including the london zoo and apparently you can just queues and stuff? anyone used this or know if its any gd value? Are the lines even bigger during late april early may?? If anyone has an opinion please let me know…


I am just getting 2 day passes as I will be there on the weekend and its off peak so I think that works out the most cost effective… In terms of the London Pass I looked at the places it gets you into and I think out of the entire list there was only 2 places on there that I wanted to visit.

I guess you would have to go through what places you want to visit and whether its worth paying the money for. But for me personally it wasnt worth it.



Do you mind me asking what two day pass you are getting and how much it costs?



I used the London Pass last year while I was in London for a week and it would have been worth it… had I not lost it. I’m into everything history so I loved going to all the places it has to offer. I’ve also gotten it again for all the places I missed (Buckingham Palace, etc.) and for the meal and shopping deals. I got the day passes this time because with an Oyster Card you can spend a lot of money. In a week I spent about 50GPB on an Oyster card as I took the tube everywhere and there was even a tube strike too.


The Tube offer unlmited travel cards its like having an all day ticket here is aus. I looked at getting the oyster card but since I am only in London for 2 days it really wasnt worth it. The travelcard gives you unlimited travel on the tube bus tram overground servies and national rail services it just depends on which zones you purchase. Since I am going to be in London on a Saturday and Sunday I am getting the off peak which is 5.60 pounds or about 9 bucks aussie and that is valid for the entire day for zones 1 and 2 which is all I need. (Zones 1 and 2 will cover pretty much all the major attractions in London)

Here is the link to the website with the prices and zones etc


My sister and I each snagged the London Pass because it had several of the locations we were planning on seeing included-- I also love that we get to fast-track and not wait in line!
Check out the PDF list of all of the sites available with the pass, do a cost-benefit analysis of what it would cost you to see everything you want to see on your own, and then what it would cost WITH the pass, and then choose the cheaper. ;D (that’s what we did!)


Hi All,

I was looking at public travel cards for London the other day and came across this You get 2 for 1 deals on quite a few of London’s main attractions if you buy a travel card from Railway stations. The promotion is between set dates and I think during certain times of the day for some attractions such as London Eye.

This deal would be great anyone traveling in twos…such as my partner and I ;D

Does anybody know if the travelcards that are purchased from the Railway stations the same as the travel cards purchased at London Underground stations?


I used the London Pass when I was in London last and it was great - I saved about $50 just on transport. The pass is also a great way of figuring out what you’re going to see so you get the most out of your limited time. The Pass is available in Zones 1-3 and Zones 1-6. Depending on what you want to see will depend on the zone card you get. A lot of the YHA hostels are outside zone 3 so keep this in mind if you’re using another pass.



I found the london pass really helpful, if you go to london in the non-peak period you will find cues etc aren’t as long anyway… but even with the London Pass it was quicker/cheaper. Getting a Oyster for travel on trains and things is a bonus and after awhile in London you’ll soon learn alot of it can be walkable too… you probably find linking it to a bus tour will help you too, soo you can see the sights hop on and off to where you want to go (which is included in your london pass). Hope thats helpful… ask any questions, i’m happy to answer :slight_smile: