The Great Eastern


Just wondering if anyone has done The Great Eastern Tour (or is it new for 2010)? Does anyone have any further information about the accommodation, ie which nights are in the hotels, hostels, bungalows ect? If this is a new tour then from peoples past experience what is the accommodation like on the Euro Club Tours? Is there an itinerary that could be provide with details of when we would arrive and leave each destination (to give us a better idea of exactly how long we would be spending at each stop)? Also it mentions single sex accommodation, is there any available for couples? Thanks.


I have already signed up for the great eastern on july 16-august 1, and would like more info also…i know it is not a new tour as it was around last summer also so people should have insight on it. Let me know if you hear anything and ill do the same. If anyone has done this, please let us know…I know that we are staying in a hostel in czech repub towards the end and it looks pretty nice


Surely someone has done this tour??? CHAW78, i sent you an email with some details i received, if you have anything further could you please email it through?