"The EuroTrip" April 15 - April 28


Hello everyone, I’m Felipe and i Will be doing the next EuroTrip with TopDeck… I would like to know if anyone will do the same trip as me!

It is: Amsterdam - Germany - Venice - Roma - Florence - Swiss - France - Amsterdam (04/15 - 04/28)



Hi Felipe!

I will be on your trip, I am joining this trip in Rome on April 20th! Where are you from?

Ryan :slight_smile:


Hello Ryan,

I’m from Brazil and i Will start in Amsterdam since the begin kkk.
Good to know someone, you are in the Top Deck app? because there 3 people there but no one answer :frowning:

Let’s keep the contact!


Nice! I am from Canada. No I haven’t tried the app yet, but I should.

Yeah we should stay in contact! I am on Facebook if it makes it easier! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think no one is using hahaha

I will try to send my Facebook on private to you.