The European Pioneer, July 7th 2016



I am all set up and currently broke, but psyched to kick off this tour in July. Just posting to see if anyone else is heading off at the same time?

Looking at accommodation at the Wombats at this stage for a couple of days before the tour starts :slight_smile:



Hey Brett!

I’m pretty sure i’m going to book this trip on these dates…Just gotta get around to actually booking it. Was hoping to travel with a few of my mates this year to Europe but none of them have the $$ so I’ll be travelling solo which is a little scary. Anyway I’m 18 and I’m from Adelaide… what about you?



Hi Gaby!

Yeah must be a bit scary going on your own but there will be plenty of others once it starts up so should be fine!

I’m 22 and from New Zealand :slight_smile: is it your first trip overseas?



Hey Brett & Gaby,

I will be joining you both on this trip! I’m also travelling solo, eeek so glad I’m not the only one!
I’m 23 from Perth.

Can’t wait to meet you both



Hi Brett. Me and my girlfriend are going too :slight_smile: