“The Euro Trip” 15th of April 2018


Hello :slight_smile:
My best friend Amy and I have booked this tour :slight_smile: just wondering who else is on this and where you guys are all from?
We’re both from Sydney, Australia :slight_smile:



I am on your trip, but I start off in Rome with you guys on April 20th!

I am from Toronto, Canada! :slight_smile:


Oh that’s wicked! I’m super excited, how old are you? Have you been to Europe before?


Hey, I was just about to book this trip! 29 from Victoria :slight_smile: first solo trip


Oh cool! It’s gonna be a good trip
Are you just doing the one tour?


I’ve only just started looking honestly, I would like to, to make the most of it!
How about you? Any suggestions?


We’re also doing the “Eastern Exposure” tour after this one! So excited :slight_smile:


I have been to London and Paris on a previous tour a few years ago! I am 26! What about you?

I am already counting down the days! :laughing:


Oh nice!!
I’m 24 :slight_smile:
I am too!!! I’m soooo excited holy moly


Looks great, I might have to get booking haha so many options! :slight_smile:


Hello Allie!
I’m Felipe from Brazil and I will be on the same trip :wink: I’m 24 too and i never be in Europe, first travel ever hahaha

Let’s Keep the contact :wink:


Someone else there who is going to make this trip?!


Looks great, I can get booking so many options!