The Clink Hostel


Hi Guys

I am just wondering how people have gone on past tours with The Clink Hostel.

I have looked it up on Trip Advisor and there seems to be alot of negative comments about the hostel.

It mentions that there has been problems with theft at the hostel, problems with staff attitude, bathrooms, mistreatment of female guests and cold showers etc…

How have people had exprience at this hostel,good, bad any advice appreciated


I haven’t stayed at Clink Hostel also. I have read the reviews about them but I don’t believe everything as long as I can prove it by my self.


I was actually thinking of booking this hostel for the 2 nights before my tour leaves, but the reviews do seem a little negative. Does anyone know whether the Clink is actually worth staying at?
Can anyone also recomend any other Hostels that are close to where the club tours depart and are cheap and comfortable?

Matt :slight_smile:


I’m arriving two nights before my tour also and was planning on booking a room in the Clink! Now, I’m not so sure.

My London travel guide (2010) has a good review of the Clink Hostel. Plus it has a red star means it’s highly recommended.

The main reason I was going to stay at the Clink was because my Topdeck tour apparently meets at 6am and I don’t know how comfortable I’d be travelling across London from whatever hotel in the early hours to meet at the Clink at 6am.

Since the Clink is located on King’s Cross Road it might be worth it to look at nearby hotels.

Otherwise, this travel guide recommends these places for cheap accomodation (:

  • Arosfa (90 pounds double) on Gower Street
  • Jenkins Hotel (95 pounds double) on Cartwright Gardens
  • Thanet Hotel in Russel Square (82 pounds per person including breakfast)

I don’t know about you guys but even these “cheap” accomodation places are kinda expensive in aussie dollars.

Maybe some topdeck staff reading this could make some recommendations?


Okay, I’ve been doing some more research and I’ve found one hotel that seems to be really good on safety and cleanliness (though rooms look really small) but received pretty good reviews for the cost and which is about 7 minute walk to the Clink.


Thanks Rafah, that place actually looks really nice. The price is decent aswell. I may even book it. I was going to book my accomodation through my travel agent, but she seems to be trying to charge me as much money as physically possible.


Hey guys,

Sounds like your on the right track…have a browse on the net for accommodation preferences to suit your style and budget. If you’re really not keen on the Clink Hostel there’s loads more hostels in central London, and many close by! I’ll ask the team if they know of any other hostel.

I wouldn’t be too worried though about unfavourable reviews about the Clink…They offer clean and brand new facilities, safe surroundings and a fun atmosphere! Why not check it out for yourself?

Happy planning :slight_smile:

Topdeck Team!


Hi guys,

I stayed at the Clink Hostel for 3 days before leaving for my Topdeck tour and had a really good time.

All in all I rate the Clink pretty highly, IÂ’ve travelled a fair bit and have stayed in my fair share of horrible hostels (particularly in south America!!!) It is a little bit pricey, but then all hostels in London are pretty much! And itÂ’s still a lot cheaper than paying for a room in a hotel, especially for that area.

The rooms are quite small, but really clean – and you don’t really spend much time in them anyway! I stayed in a 4 bed room, which I thought was a good size and I wasn’t woken up by people coming in and out all the time.

The staff were really nice and helpful in recommending things to do around London! I didnÂ’t find security an issue here either, you can keep your valuables in a locker if you want. IÂ’m generally pretty careful when it comes to locking my bag and stuff though, so never have any issues with this. Maybe bring your own lock if youÂ’re concerned.

Breakfast was provided as well, just your typical self service cereal, toast and coffee (nothing special) but when youÂ’re on a budget every bit counts!

I found it really convenient staying at the hostel so I was there when my tour met at 6am (rather than trekking across London with all my luggage on the tube!!)

While itÂ’s nothing too fancy, you get what you pay for. If you do decide to stay there, let me know how you go!


It’s good to hear a positive review about it, thanks Liana. I think I might toss a coin, The Clink has the benefit of location, in that you can roll out of bed, head downstairs and meet up with the crew early in the morning but the Hotel Meridiana is cheaper and with better reviews but will be a bit of a walk away.

Plus, I think I want a room to myself the first night I come to London, I think it’s about 100 pounds to stay in the Clink per night if single.

I’ll probably flip a coin if I get indecisive!


Hey guys,
Just to let you know we are not staying at Clink for the same reasons, bad reviews!

Instead we are staying at Royal National Hotel. It is where Contiki leaves from, and it is one step up from Clink i.e. own bathrooms, doors that actually lock and is only about 10-15 minute walk away. Maybe check this out.


Thanks Jess, for the heads up, Contiki offer both the royal national hotel and the imperial hotel, both are run by the same hotel chain and both about 0.9 miles from the Clink Hostel. I am considering the Imperial as it has slightly better reviews than the Royal National hotel.

Does anyone know the best place to book, I have checked the web and hotelsclub website looks quite reasonable.



Clink is fine good location only negative is that the rooms are really small and if you stay in the basement near the bar it can be very noisy


My travel agent told me he stayed there one night and left, he couldn’t stand the place… he refused to book me in it LOL!! He found a set of hotels not far away, same price and it’s an actual hotel set up!


Hey Guys,
I’ve read the same bad reviews about Clink, so i’m looking at the Umi Hotel that Topdeck recommend. Can’t seem to find out a lot about it though. I thought I’d want my own room for the first few nights in London anyway. Anyone heard anything?


Hi Pete

I have heard the Umi Hotel is good, however it is not in the same part of London as the Clink, however it is close to the tube and the tube can almost get you anywhere.

I have choosen to stay at the Royal National Hotel, where Contiki leaves from, it is a 20 min walk from the Clink and is still in the good location close to everything.

Topdeck have done well with choosing the Clink for location in London, however even my travel agent at Flight Centre said it is recommended you stay one night before your tour at the clink, but for longer stays it isnt recommended, therefore I am staying in Royal National for 4 days before my tour, the clink the night before the tour and royal national for 4 days after the tour.


Hi all,

I have been told similar things to you all regarding the Clink. I am in London for a week previous to my tour leaving and am only booking into the clink for the night before also due to bad raps and not staying there once return either. Sounds like we are all being given good advice regarding it.


Hi all
i have booked 3 nights at the clink after my tour with top deck. I am a solo traveller so i am a bit scared to stay at the clink now after all the bad reviews .


My tour ends at the Clink but we dont get in there until 9pm if not later. As I will be a solo traveller and flying out the next day, I would prefer to get a good nights rest before the long flight home. Any suggestions on cheap but good places near by the Clink?


Hey guys

I havent stayed at the Clink before, but I have stayed at the Royal National (for 4 nights), when I did a contiki tour last year. I think it was $70 a night, which was pretty good for the location. Its right next to the tube (about a block away)

The rooms weren’t huge, but your only in there to sleep, they have ensuites in each room too.

It was pretty clean, apart from mould on the walls in the bathroom…

Im travelling again to Europe in July to do a Top Deck tour, and I think if the royal national is close enough, ill stay there again…


Hey All,

I stayed at the Clink before flying ouy to Turkey to start my Topdeck tour.

I had an awesome time. The bar downstairs was pretty good supplying cheap drinks!! In actual fact, we arrived at the Clink 6pm-ish and didn’t even sleep in the rooms (just stored our stuff there). We met people in the bar and continued talking until we had to leave to go to the airport (4am).

The staff were helpful. They organised a taxi for us to the airport and managed to get us a better price then one we had organised ourselves.

When we returned to the Clink after the trip had ended, the staff managed to organise a room for 6 of us who didn’t have prior accomodation (all in the same room).

The rooms are reasonable sized- keep in mind you don’t spend much time in the rooms at all. You are either exploring or meeting new people in the bar (or on th stairs for the smokers).

One negative: you have to push a buttom to run the shower. This cuts off every 30 seconds. So if you are wanting to take a nice long shower after a grueling 2 hour bus ride, this may get of your nerves- just a warning :slight_smile:

All in all, I wouldn’t hesitate staying their again.