The Clink Hostel- June4th-7th


Hey guys! Is anyone going to be staying at The Clink Hostel from June 4th-7th?

Let me know ;D



I might be! have to check availability on beds…I am doing the Grand European, leaves on the 7th!



Not staying at the Clink but joining this tour in Paris.


I’ll hopefully be staying in the Clink before my tour starting on 7th June as well, im doing the Mega European what tour are you guys doing?



Yeah I’m staying at the Clink from the 5th June. Going on the Grand European tour.

can’t wait!


Im staying from the 5th, leaving on the grand european tour on the 7th!


Great! More people doing the tour!
Where abouts in sydney you from Hollie?


From the cronulla area in southern sydney!


Oh yeah i have a few mates from their.
I live in Maroubra. Add me on facebook Wesley Shaw, there may be a few though.


I will be there from the 27th May until the 6th of June :slight_smile: Heading of on the Spirit of Europe tour after that. :slight_smile:


I’ll be there on either the 5th and/or the 6th of June as am doing the Spirit of europe tour that leaves on the 7th


I’m there from the 5th - 7th ;D going on mega european on 7th


Me too! So pumped!


Oh ok guys non of you are doing the tour i’m doing- Classic Europe, but i’ll be at The Clink with you all prior to anyway :slight_smile: yay!