The British Isle - 25 July 2009


Just booked this one aswell as Europe Uncovered in June![br]This one is London to Glasgow but it has the same start date as the one that also goes through Ireland and Wales so I assume the 2 tours are together for the 1st week.[br]Anyone else thinking of doing it?[br][br]Alex


Wow! That sounds awes - espesh the Ghost Walk :)[br]I’m keen as! When you thinking of going mate?


I have booked the 25-31 July tour. :)[br][br]Alex


Where did you find the dates? Couldn’t find them listed on the website :s


Oh it’s all in the new booklet for next year. You can get it from your local Flight Centre or enter your address on here and they’ll mail it to you.


Gutted, the dates clash with my other tour and the next tour doesn’t finish until after I have to return home to NZ :frowning:


That’s a bugger. :([br]What other tour are you doing?


Its a big bugger! Contiki is doing a similar one, so may be a traitor and go on theres (Bad place 2 be admitting that on here?!) Even if I do that, I will still miss out on the first day :S[br][br]I’m doing the Spirit of Europe leaving July 21 (could be July 27… I’m useless with dates!)


Has anyone else booked this one yet?[br][br]Admin, can you tell me how many are booked on this trip so far? Also, since this one is not a guaranteed departure date, when can you confirm whether it is definitely going ahead?[br][br]Alex


Anyone else yet?


Admin,[br][br]This tour is no longer listed on the departure dates page for the British Isle tour.[br]Does this mean it is fully booked or cancelled?[br]I leave NZ in about 9 days so would like to know before I leave.[br][br]Alex