The big move to london


Has anyone recently made the big move to London after their tour?
I’m planning on moving around this time next year. I have already been to Europe once before so will be
doing a Britain and Ireland tour before settling down. I’m after advice on how much money I should save up.
I’m aiming high at 30,000. Also where would people recommend living in london? I want something safe but not super expensive
like notting hill, I was thinking fulham. Any advice anyone can give would be amazing.


hay im doing a tour and then staying to do a working holiday in london around september next year iv been looking it up share flats are the cheaper way to go but im looking at doing live in pub work so rent is taken out of my pay and most places give you one meal a day, im deffinetly not budgeting on as much as you are so hopefully ill be fine lol also the more central london you are the more expensive the accomidation is anyway i hope this has helpe


I think it’s a good idea. I used to do so. The results are very encouraging.


I know few people who have done the whole live in pub type thing. Apparently most of the pubs they place you in are outside of london


Yeah iv got family in rugby so I dnt mind not being in London if I’m gonna be closer to them but now that u said ur saving around $30000 I think I’ll be staying on the street lol


Hi there, in regards to money, most people I know who have done the O.E then work in london thing have budgeted for 10,000 - 12,000 (NZD) with travel and then to work and have never had a problem. It really depends on what you plan to do, if you want to travel soild for 6 months then maybe budget large, but if you plan to work its not such a stress. Im moving to london in two week and I have bugdeted quite high ( in my opinion) but it is not near 30k unless your including your flights and topdeck tour? the biggest costs to you whilst living in london will be your rent and partying so aim for a high paid job and not minium wage and you wont dip into your savings! if your really planning on taking 30k leave half at home you wont need it!


I’m planning on taking around that much I’m travling on a tour for a month then hopefully getting a job straight away n doing mini trips while I’m there wat are you doing for wrk while ur over there emilie?


not sure yet! im travelling around europe for Jan-Feb and then going to try find work in March. i leave on the 16th when are you going over tammy?


i fly into london on the 3rd of september then go on a tour couple of days after for a month then hopefully will be working from october on how long are you going to be there for


Hi guys,

Im also doing the work visa/travel. Your over there now Emilie? Are you on tour etc? We get there the 31st March then travel for couple weeks and back in London to start working (hopefully) how are you finding it?


my sister worked in top shop on oxford street for 10 months. london chewed up her savings and she arrived back home. pretty unhappy. make sure you save a lot of money so you have enough to last you until your first pay cheque.


I have plans to do this; but we’ll see how it goes.

I’m taking roughly $15,000 AUD with me… doing the tour through Europe initially, then meeting up with friends/family in London afterwards for a couple of weeks (maybe longer) then heading back over to Europe for solo/hostel traveling and some festivals before returning to London to hopefully get some work.

I expect to have enough savings left over to get me by until i can stabilize something, i suppose it helps that i have a British Passport and as-well as friends/family there. But if it all falls apart, at least i tried… and thats a whole lot better then what i’ve been doing the last couple of years :wink:


Hey Scott

Thats sounds like a pretty good plan. My plans have changed slightly I’m now going to the US for two weeks before I hit London so I don’t think I will get to 30,000 but I think anything over 15k I will be happy. When do you arrive in London?


[quote=34338]Hey Scott

Thats sounds like a pretty good plan. My plans have changed slightly I’m now going to the US for two weeks before I hit London so I don’t think I will get to 30,000 but I think anything over 15k I will be happy. When do you arrive in London?[/quote]

Woops forgot about this thread.

Tour finish’s up there around the 22nd of May… i’ll probably visit a friend and a few places there for a couple of weeks before going back over to Europe and then returning shortly after the Olympics have finished. See what happens though… ;p


All up when we moved over we had saved about $32k nzd but that covered our flights, european getaway tour, spending money, bond for new flat, living costs for the first month, furniture for our semi furnished flat and a few touristy things in London. It went a hell of a lot faster than I expected but then I wasn’t being especially careful as my partner had an interview on day one and got the job so I knew we had a decent income coming in. Oh, we did leave a little cash at home to pay for health insurance that we didn’t want to loose. That $30k was between the two of us btw…


I moved to London in January. I came over with $4000 Aussie dollars. I was lucky to be able to move in with my cousin and her husband who are over here for work so it was easier for me!..

Once my money was converted to the pound though it didn’t feel like I had much…and I spent heaaaps as I didn’t have a job yet! Once I found a job I started looking for share accomodation around Balham/Clapham area (area where most aussies settle haha) and they took a good chunk out of my savings as well having to pay a deposit and then the 1st months rent at the same time!

Just take your time and everything should fall into place. You will not need $30,000! If you have friends/family you can stay with until you get set up and you don’t go crazy 500pounds should last you about a month!



Thats handy to know - thanks Amy


Living near center in London is insanely high. Cheap (errmm, cant really say cheap but much affordable) usually found away from Central London. Notting Hill is a great choice for it is near public transport. Similar places are South Kensington and Aldgate. Visit if you want to compare houses online…

There are also other websites you can visit to research flats/houses you can rent. A few is suggested in here:


When do you arrive in London?


Im in the same bought, i finish my tour on the 1st July but i have family there so itll be easy eough but i plan on living there for a while and wont have anything near that amount, I think that amount is a little excessive personally, 10,000 will keep you happy until you find a job aslong as your not overly picky, get any job, then leapfrog from job to job until your where you want to be. AGain thats my plan and my friend who has moved to london with just 1000 NZD is living very comfortably with a solid job, a flat above apub right in the centre of the west end so definately an option.