The Big Easy 7th of June 2017


Hi there.
Just checking out who might also be on this tour with me.


Hey Tess! The Big Easy is part of Road Trip USA which I’m doing departing on the same date.

I don’t know if it is 100% guaranteed that you’d be on the same bus as us, but I’ve had it happen before in Europe where people left or joined our tour part way through as they were on shorter legs. In any case you’d be in the same places at the same time as us!


Yeah I didn’t know that, hahah. Knew there were longer tours that had the same stuff just thought it was a different tour in general, makes sense mine would drop off at Miami. I looked in my booklet and yes it would seem that I am apart of that tour, just doing the shorter version.
Sounds good though, should be exciting :slight_smile:


Yeah I can’t wait! I’ve had mine booked since like June/July last year!

If you’d like, you’re more than welcome to join our Facebook group for Road Trip USA


Wow, that’s a long time to wait hahah.
Cool, that’s sounds good. Joining right now


Hi guys!! I’m from Australia and I’m looking at booking this for next June/july! ( The Big Easy) How did you guys find this trip? Any stand out ups and downs? Cheers!


Hey, so I definitely say do it. The big easy is a shorter version by 1 week of road trip USA which continues from Miami up until New York so if you want to do that I’d do the road trip usa
I can’t say anything about the tour it was so much fun and the activities we did were amazing. The choice of optionals in each place were cool. You can’t go wrong


Thank you so much for this insight!