Thailand Ko-Conut Hopper! 5th Feb 2017!


Whose heading on the Ko-Conut Hopper Thailand trip starting 5th Feb 2017? I am Becky and I am a 20 year old from Auckland NZ doing this trip solo and would be awesome to see who is doing it with me!

I also have 2 nights booked pre and post trip in the Phuket resort!

Cant wait!


Hey, did you had a good trip to Phuket?
Once you have been to Thailand you’ll want to visit again.
Thailand is the most tourist visited country in Asia
And there’s this Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2017 coming up in a few days…
I am really excited that this
Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2017
is starting soon…

Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2017
Date: 15 Jun - 15 Aug 2017
Venue : Throughout Thailand

Lots of offers and discounts throughout Thailand.
A great time to travel and tour Thailand.


hi, Bangkok is very nice place to visit. It will be great to see such a beautiful country. I am supposed to go there in the June this year and willing to meet some like minded people to enjoy my trip.
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