Tennis anyone!


Hi im going to be in london 23rd June til the 9th July and was wondering if anyone would be interested in going to the tennis [br]thanks Ann-Maree


i so would have went with you but i’m not there until the 23rd july :frowning: :([br]hope u find someone to go with. or just go on ur own! it will be so great![br][br]…Colina…[br]…Grand European - July 28th 2009…[br]?The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.? - Saint Augustine


thank you for your reply yes i think i will go it alone if i have to. i could not go all that way and not even see the gates :slight_smile: hope you have a wonderful time [br]thanks Ann-Maree


Hey[br]I will be in London on the 25th of June and was thinking of going on the 26th. so if you wanted to go that day i’ll go with you.


hey ann-maree… me and a friend plan to line up for the wimbledon finals… it would be great to have someone come along with us. you can reach me in facebook if you have one. ok? just add me so we can keep in touch faster…[br][br]jose, european wonder july29-aug12


Hey.[br][br]I get in on the 29th. Was thinking of going out on the Thursday or Friday. (or any day that week really). If there is a group going I’m keen.[br][br][br][br]:wink: if you obey all the rules you miss all the fun[br][br]* Pamplona 6 Day Fiesta 2009[br]* Athens to London July 13 2009


i can only do july4-5 for wimbledon… but ill be in London on the weekends if anyone wants to just go out at a pub…


hi everyone thanks for your replies alittle in repling back been jet lag and home sick though i did go to the tennis on the third lined up and was 8865 in line it was awesome.the weather was fantastic too.i hope you all went and had a wonderful time.staying at the generator and have two day till the adventure starts.[br]thanks ann-maree