Tell me your stories and experiences! Has anyone travelled solo with Topdeck? And flown by yourself overseas to meet up with the tour?


Im travelling solo from Australia to meet up in London to go on a 20 day Winter Europe Tour in 2019. Im paying for the whole trip tomorrow and im a little nervous.

My Mum is also majorly against me going and keeps bringing up wars and how the world is a dangerous place. Ugh.

So if you’ve ever travelled solo, tell me your stories! Lets chat!


Hey! I have always felt the urge to visit Ireland. And I had enough money to put down a deposit, so i did. Not thinking about the extra money and spending lol. Anyway, long story short, I got the money together. I didnt travel around Ireland with top deck, but I thought whole I made the long trip all the way from Australia, I might as well try and see as much as Europe as I can. That’s where i saw the Winter Discovery trip! 12 countries in 21 days or something unbelievable. I told mum about it, and she said i wasnt allowed to travel alone, so i had to find someone asap, my sisters friend said she wanted to do the same thing that i wanted to do, so that was that. So i did travel alone, since i didn’t really know my travel buddy lol, but TopDeck trip was freaking amazing. I LOVED IT…the tour leader was really fun (shout out to the amazing New Zealander called Kieran :smiley: ) I felt safe. Everything we did, I could either go alone or i could find SOMEone from the trip (Min of 18 at one stage, and max of 50). I cant recommend TopDeck enough. my email is if ya wanna chat more?

((PS IF ANY ONE IS THINKING OF BOOKING A TOP DECK TRIP, I HAVE A $200 deposit i need to transfer to someone. Ill explain it to you if you want, just email me. THANKYOU :slight_smile: