Tapas Trail May15-21, 2012


Good Morning our fellow travelers and globe trotters…
My better (some would say much much better) half and I just booked out first trip to Europe this coming May.
We have toured and visited Central America & the Caribbean a few times, and so it’s time to jump across this great big pond called the Atlantic and see the old country.

We will be on the May 15-21 Tapas Trail tour and would like to correspond with any other people that will be on the same tour.
Looking forward to meeting you in person in a few short months.

Fugy (and the wonderful Rocio)


Hi :slight_smile:

Not long to go now, counting down the days!
Myself and my partner will be on the same trip as you two but instead of stopping in Barcelona, we will be carrying on for another 21 days doing the Discover Europe tour :slight_smile:

We are joining the trip on the first evening when you arrive in Paris.

First big trip overseas so will be fun :slight_smile: Look forward to meeting you there



hey there Lisa…

Sorry for the delay in responding, I did not realize anyone had commented on my post.

We are so looking forward to the trip. Rocio just finished her last final exam for the semester and she is so thrilled.

This is also our 1st trip overseas, looking forward to meeting the group.

We are from Houston, and it’s about 85-90 right now with 90% humidity. We looked up the temps in France and Spain and it’s much cooler, 60s in day and 50s at night.

Fugy & Rocio

Feel free to email us at

just let us know you are Lisa from the tapas tour.