Tales From The Road: Winner!


That’s a wrap, folks!

We’ve picked, piled and pored over your entries to our Tales From The Road competition and have made the (insanely difficult) decision as to who will be crowned Topdeck’s Chief Storyteller.

We must admit, choosing our favourite Tale From The Road was harder than choosing our favourite gelato flavour in Florence (and trust us, that’s really hard). Your photos, videos and stories were so captivating, we were tempted to pack our bags, on the spot. Seriously.

But as every cheesy talent show host likes to say in a grand finale,
“there can only be one winner…”

** Leighton @leightonhughesnz **

We were totally moved by your Leighton’s Summer Fun and Sailing Adventure video,
and would like to thank you for sharing your Topdeck experience with us.
We hope your prize inspires you to continue exploring the world, Topdeck style.


My Topdeck trip has been the highlight of this year and winning this has topped it off :smile:
Can’t wait for some more exciting Topdeck adventures. Thanks guys!


Wow this video is incredible!!! Congrats :grinning: @leightonhughesnz


I just want to say it’s awesome to see. :+1: :ok_hand:


Wow…nice video…I would love participate in a road trip. Thanks.


I agree with you. The video is amazing. I hope one day, I will go to such trip and I will definitely enjoy it.


What a fantastic video!! Flashbacks to my own Gap Year - :blush: thank you!


Awesome That’s good


Wow, The ultimate.


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