Taking more than one trip


Have any of you travelers taken any two Topdeck trips back to back? Like you finished one trip on one day and then immediately started the second trip the next day? I will be doing this (Classic Europe 31 May to 14 June and then Czech Mate 15 June to 21 June) Classic Europe ends in Rome and Czech Mate starts in Prague. Although, I am not 100% certain it actually starts in Prague because most trips start in London and work their way to other cities. The Pre-departure info PDF file doesn’t mention anything about trips starting in Prague or ending in Rome. I figure I will end up taking a short plane ride between trips, but I was just curious to see if anyone has also done this and what their experience was like.


I haven’t done this with Top Deck, but I have with other tours. As long as it’s the same tour company, things usually go pretty smoothly. Flights between European countries are REALLY cheap. However, I’ve looked at the tours and what this will do is mean that you have NO time in Rome, a city you could easily spend a week in. Rome’s airport is notoriously unreliable for ontime departures, getting through customs etc. So if your flight is for 1pm, you’ll need to allow at least 3hrs to get through, rather than the normal 2hrs. So I guess it really comes down to whether you want to see Rome at all.



Wow, thanks for the tip. It’s the little pieces of information like this that are most useful.

Even though my trip is still far away I’m thinking will stay in Rome an extra night and fly to Prague the next morning. That way I can squeeze in as much time in Rome as possible.