Switzerland tours


Hi everyone[br][br]If anyone has been on the London to Athens trip before, or anyone in the Topdeck administration can tell me, with the Switzerland tours, we heard that there may be an extra cost involved for getting to the mountain for doing the railway trip? The detailed itinerary says $130 for the Jungfrau excursion to see the Ice Hotel and do Husky rides etc. Is the $130 all inclusive of the train ticket, entry to the Ice Hotel and Husky rides? or are these extra costs once you reach the mountain?[br][br]Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:


Hi Mase![br][br]How are you? I?m Alison and I work in the London Topdeck office. The Jungfrau Excursion is 130 Swiss Francs and also includes the Ice palace and snow discs. The Husky rides are extra and are about 8 Swiss francs for a short ride.[br][br]If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me ?[br]res@topdecktravel.co.uk[br][br]Have a lovely weekend![br][br]