Switzerland money


Hi travellers! because Switzerland uses CHF, should i get a seperate travel card or just use cash for everything?


You should not need a separate card, your travel money card should be able to auto convert to Swiss currency when you use it.
Having some cash on hand is also handy however.


Before Switzerland you will stop at a service station to get cash out, otherwise there will be atms wherever you’re staying in Switzerland


so I’m able to take money out even if my card isn’t loaded with Swiss currency?


Yes, most travel cards will automatically convert currency you have loaded into the country you are in, I have used a Commonwealth bank travel card at an atm in Switzerland with no problems in the past.
I have also used it also in many countries around the world with lots of different currencys where Mastercard is accepted with no problems.


Great! I will be using the same card, so it’s good to know that, thanks!


Your card will be automatically change for Switzerland currency.


Card automatically change


I must say that find this one informative cause i have never visited Switzerland. keep sharing like this more guys.


I’m on my trip at the moment, I got chf out last night and i has no problems, as long as one of the currencies has how much you want out it will work


I will also be traveling soon. Thanks for the information.


How was your trip?