Swiss Francs



I am doing the SPirit of Europe in September. We have a day in the Swiss Alps - just wondering how much money I should get in this currency? I was planning on getting it before I went so I just have it aside.

If anyone can give me an idea that would be great. Was thinking 100 Swiss Francs but do you think that would be too much?



I found it easier to get it when I got there, otherwise I had so much money in different currencies with me and some dont accept others which made it hard to get rid of it.


Maybe just take as much as u know you will spend. Most places will accept euros as well as francs.

Remember you can’t exchange any coins when u get back to oz so you have to try spend as many coins as possible. Plus in Switzerland their coins go right up to 5s which made it hard to get rid of.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:



I’m from Switzerland. I think 100 Swiss Francs should be enough for one day even if Switzerland is really expensive. And like “home at last” said, most places accept Euros as well. But normally you will get the change in Swiss Francs.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Swiss83 - I have checked the tour and I will be in Switzerland for 1 day and 1 night. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided. Do you think 100 Swiss Francs would still be enough?


Hi :slight_smile:
I used to live in switzerland and if all your meals are provided you shouldn’t need much. I think a 100fr will be heaps but remeber you can always just pay in euros and get the change in francs which should get you through the day. Have fun! Switzerland is beautiful! :slight_smile: