Swiss Alps Experience


So it was only a few days into my Timeless Trail trip. Our awesome trip leader Rogan warned us, now, this camp site we are staying in the Swiss Alps a few years ago one of the guys in a Topdeck trip shit the bed and Topdeck had to pay for them to get a new mattress etc the Swiss weren’t happy. So he was like I urge you’s all to be on your best behavior in Switzerland. Everyone was thinking who in their right mind could shit the bed? Anyways when we got to the Swiss Alps as beautiful as it was I was struggling to breath because I had asthma. I thought, sht this isn’t good. I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to create a fuss. That night our trip Leader Rogan said to us to come to the bar after dinner. I was like yes, I am going to drink tonight, so I can breatheeeee!! So I had quite a few glasses of white wine and then I said to two of the girls lets do some shots. So they ordered 1 shot of tequila and I ordered two. We had the shots and we were all feeling great, we had an awesome night. The alcohol well and truly kicked in. The two girls I was rooming with, Tiah and Bec, weren’t at the bar and I said to two other girls, let me know when yous go (as I didn’t want to get lost lol). Eventually they wanted to go and they said to me Jazz we are going to go have a shower now. I was like alright I’m ready to go. I dunno how I made it back to the cabin, and then I was like hang on guys I don’t think I can walk to the showers. The showers and toilets were up these massive flights of stairs a bit of a walk from our cabins. I thought I’m just going straight to bed. It was so hot in the room I decided I’m just gonna sleep in my bra and undies. I left all my make-up on. About 4 hours later I woke up I was like, sht I think I’m gonna spew. I got up, and quickly launched for the bin. The girls I were rooming with Tiah and Bec (awesome girls)
were like Jazz are you alright, I’m like yeah sorry guys. I went in the corner and then after I was like I’m just gonna get rid of this. I open the door of our cabin, and the whole corridor is filled with about 6 guys sitting down, and a girl from my trip Naomi, who is opposite me. All of them starring at me holding my bucket Shes like Jazz? I’m like holy gucomole what’s going on here? She’s like I’m keeping the girls up as she had the topdeck cough! I was like oh my god. Not only has Naomi seen me in this state all of these hot dudes have seen me with my bloody bucket in my bra and undies. To make matters worse my whole face was black from my eyeliner and mascara AND THEN I had to get changed and do the walk of shame to get rid of the bucket.
Definitely top 3 Jazz moment.