Sweet as North (ex Wellington) 6/3/16


Hey there!

Just wanted to get in touch with anyone heading on the Sweet as North trip Wellington-Auckland leaving 6th March! Travelling alone before meeting up with family and really excited to meet some new people. I’ll be in Wellington from the day before departure and it’d be great to have some company for a day/night of exploring.

  • Maddison (Brisbane, Australia)



I’m doing the kiwi encounter from Christchurch starting Feb 25th. I think, depending on numbers our tours might join up. I finish in Auckland on March 10th. Im flying to New Zealand next Friday (19th) from london, I think it might take a couple of days to adjust to the time zone and weather.

I hope you find someone to meet up with in Wellington! I might see you on the tour.




I will also be on this tour! In Wellington the day before as well.


Great! Might have to try meet up for drinks that night! I’ve just started trying to organise what I’ll pack and I’m very confused about what the weather will be like haha. Are you planning on doing the Mt Tongariro hike? I’m hoping there’ll be others who want to do the longer one with me :slight_smile:


Oh that’s great! Hope you’ve had a safe flight over, and I might see you there :slight_smile:


Yeah! We arrive pretty early in the morning so will be in Wellington all day so perhaps we can meet up.
Oh yeah I am feeling the same way actually. I have a friend who is living in Auckland atm so I think I will hit him up to see what the weather is doing before we go.

The hike looks great! We are also wanting to do white water rafting so hopefully others are down for that too.