Swapping tours?


Hi all,

I’m currently booked into the Spirit of Europe Tour departing on the 20th September!!!. However more and more I’ve been wanting to go to Spain and was looking at swapping to the Grand European leaving on the same day.

I’ve emailed and asked whether this is possible but also wanted to get some feedback and what people would recommend or if they are doing either of these tours!

let me know :slight_smile:


Jacqui from Melbourne, AUS


Hey Jacqui :slight_smile:

I’m currently trying to decide between the same two as well (Spirit and Grand) but leaving on the 23rd of August. Spain is definitely a selling point but like you some feedback from peeps who have done either would definitely be helpful!!!


Hey Anna,

I went with the Grand European. The extra 4 days swung it for me in the end :slight_smile:

Have Fun!


Don’t blame you Jacqui…a lot can happen in four days haha!!! Have fun on your tour too :)!


hey how are you, im actually booked on the same tour, spirit of europe i actually looked at the grand but im travelling to scotland when the tour ends and the extra 4 days would nt of worked in . But in saying that i dont mind the spirit looks like an awsome trip and iv heard it is, but anyways let me know what you decide cause be good ta touch base with some one else on the trip im stay n at the clink before the tour . chris