My mate and I and staying at surf camps in Spain, France and Portugal before jumping on the 7 day Top Deck tour starting in Prague in September so we need to know if our boards (in board bags) are allowed to be stored in the luggage area below the bus??


Hey Josh,

Each person is allowed 1 item of standard size luggage (backpacks only on a EuroCamping trip) plus a day pack (and sleeping bag if on EuroCamping trip or EuroClub trip that does Flotilla Sailing in Greece). The maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 44lbs/20kgs. Size for all bags must not exceed 70cm x 45cm x 25cm. Due to strict weight regulations for coaches in Europe, passengers whose luggage exceeds these will be asked to off load the excess on the departure morning.

Will you be travelling on a EuroClub tour? If so you may be able to store your boards at the departure Hostel.

Topdeck Team


No we are just doing the Czech Mate tour departing from Prague and then finishing in London. (this starts after we finish our last surf camp in Portugal) We then fly out of London back to Australia. So we can’t off load our boards in Prague before the tour starts as we are not returning. Is there any leeway here.


Hi Josh,

Unfortunately because we don’t yet know how many people are going to be on the trip with you we can’t say yes. If there are 48 passengers on the bus, there just won’t be any room at all for a few surfboards. Chances are they may also get damaged with all the luggage underneath.

At this stage we cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to store it on the coach - perhaps you could look into sending it back to England and picking it up again when you arrive, or back to Australia?

Please do give us another shout closer to your departure when we’re likely to know final numbers. Keep in mind it will be the peak season, so the trip will most likely be full.

Topdeck Team