Sunshine States (Ex New Orleans) 26 April 2020


I thinking of booking this trip next year, either 26 April or 07 June. This is my first solo trip so a little nervous and wanted to see if others were interested in this trip or if anyone has been and had advice or tips.

Carly :smiley:

I’m on the road trip USA (the full version of this trip) but departing New York on feb 23rd! If you decide to do it in feb I’ll be there :joy:

Ohh bummer hahah, a little too chilly for me around that time. :smile:


Hi @Carly2

I haven’t done this trip - but I did do a USA top deck trip last year and it was the best!
I just made the trip from NZ to Melbourne to catch up with some of my tour buddies - was the best weekend catching up and reminiscing on our tour.

I’ve done quite a bit of travelling before but I understand your nervous.
Honestly you wont regret it one bit!
80% of our tour bus would have been solo travellers so you wont be the only one.

Yell out if you have any questions, be happy to help :slight_smile:

Leah :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps Leah. :blush: So good to know! What about the age thing. I’m 30 and contemplating between TopDeck and Flashpack. Noting the difference in ages range for both tour groups. Any advice/tips from your experience?

Hey @Carly2

Honestly don’t worry about your age at all - you will be fine and will make awesome friends
I was 35 when I went, average age on our trip would have been around 28 I’d say

We had a few young ones but also a few older than me - one guy was 39 and having the time of his life!!!

Ohh I haven’t heard of Flash pack before - do they have similar trips?

I have done contiki before through Europe.
Both companies run pretty much the same tours but I liked that with Top deck we seemed to have more free time to do your own thing.
There are optional activities you can sign up for but there is no pressure to do them. (you sign up for them on the bus couple of days before arriving in each place) tour guide usually has more info too.
Budget to do them even if you aren’t too sure about them - at least you know you have the $$ for them.

I found Contiki had a BIG drinking environment…hehe maybe times have changed since I did that tour, plus I’m older now. :stuck_out_tongue:
There was no pressure to go out partying every night when i did Top Deck & no judgement if you didn’t do out.

Hope that helps…anything else you wanna know about, ask away :slight_smile: