Hello All,

Just found this forum and thought i would see if anyone else has signed up for the Summer Fun and Sailing departing on the 29th of July 2011?

Looking forward to it!!!


Hey Amanda,
I’m also doing this tour, so excited!!
When do you arrive in London? Im from Sydney but have lived here in London for 15 months or so.
So glad to find other people doing the same tour ;D


Hey Kandy, My friend Adam and I arrive the night of the 27th so we have a full day in london before the tour starts! and then after the tour we have 5 days before we leave!! I can wait for the tour!


Hey Amanda,
Sight seeing London is a great way to start your trip. Lol hopefully your not to let lagged.
My mate and I are gonna stay at the clink hostel the night before the tour cause it’s a mission to get to from where we live.
So excited! See you soon ! X


Hi All!!
I am on this tour also. Lone traveller! Can not wait!!!

Jenna. xx


Not long to go now! I’m struggling to pack my bag lol


Hello all!
Im also doing this tour with my boyfriend Finlay. Very excited, not long to wait! :slight_smile: see you all soon!
Jessica x


Do we have to take a sleeping bag for the the sailing bit?

Jenna. xx


Hey Jenna,
Yeah we do. Kinda sucks cause makes my bag even bulkier lol