Summer Sailing and Fun 2nd July 2010


Hey Everyone just wondering if anyone has booked to go on the summer sailing and fun on the 2nd of July . !!! I am travelling alone so would love to hear from you if you will also be on this trip :slight_smile:


Hi Georgia, I’m booked on this trip too and I am also travelling solo. I cant wait!


Helloooo Georgia and Claire! My friend Sarah and I are also on this trip, am very excited :slight_smile:


Where abouts in Australia are you travelling from? Are you guys staying at the Clink before leaving?


Yay I am so excited !!!
I am from the Gold Coast, Queensland.
I am going to stay at the Clink Hotel 2 nights before our trip (29th June / 1st July )


I’m from the Sunshine Coast and I too am checking into the Clink on the 29th! Have you been overseas before?


I have never done any travel around Europe before, but I have travelled to various other places overseas with my family !!!
I am a bit nervous travelling by myself but excited at the same time :slight_smile: I fly out of brisbane with emirates on the 28th !!
Just a quick question do you think we can uses hair straightners etc while we are away and if so can you get an adapter that is acceptable in most places in Europe ??


I’m a bit nervous too, but that will soon pass :slight_smile: I fly out of brisbane with singapore airlines on the 28th. I have read somewhere that you can use hair straighteners and I think you just get an adaptor but I’m not 100% sure on that or where you get them. Let me know if you find out though :slight_smile:


Hey guys the person I was meant to be doing this tour with has just pulled out so looks like i will probably be travelling by myself as well! Am very very nervous, but its good to know that you guys and doing it too so I will not be the only one. How old are you guys? Are you going to do more travel after of just come straight home? :slight_smile:


Well i was meant to be going with a girlfriend but she also pulled out because she doesn’t have enough money !!
I am 21 and have to come home straight after the tour because I have to go back to Uni :frowning:
Not really long now 4 months will go so fast :slight_smile:


Hi Angela and Georgia,
Angela where abouts in Australia are you travelling from? I’m 25 and I’ll be coming straight back as I have to go back to work :frowning: so wont feel like doing that! Are you doing more travel? I had a friend who couldnt afford it too but from what I can gather the majority of people on these tours do it alone. It’ll be great to meet so many new people from all over the world. Georgia, did you find out about the hair straightener :slight_smile: I havent found out yet.


Hey Claire and Georgia,
I am 18, on my gap year and from Canberra :slight_smile: I am actually so nervous about travelling by myself, but i guess as soon as we meet each other we are no longer travelling alone ;D I will probably be visiting some friends around oxford and bristol a week or two leading up to the tour and heading straight to Asia to visit some other friends after. With the hair straightener, I am definitely bringing my GHD so hoping it all works out! Im currently looking at staying at the Clink for the nights leading up to our tour as well so its great that you guys are doing that too - maybe we could even have a look around London together :slight_smile: Do you guys have facebook?


Hi Angela,
It’ll be great knowing some people before the tour so wont be alone roaming around London. I’m excited to do all the tourist spots in London for the two days I’m there. I do have facebook so feel free to request me um I’m not too sure what the easiest way will be though if you search for friends im the Claire McAllister on page 3, 4th from the bottom - it looks like im peeking through my hand, im not sure if that is going to help :slight_smile:


Hi Georgia, Claire & Angela

I am so excited!!! One month off work and one month away from home :slight_smile: Cant wait!!! I went Thursday night shopping and saw the 26 days tour on the window display. Initally I plan on going on the 18 days tour but my sister insist on the 26 days so she can go sailing. Today (26/02/2010) I went into Flight Centre during lunch break and it took 2 hours as their computer was down/slow. I am currently on the request list… in 72 hours time, Top Deck will let me know whether my sister Linda and I will be able to go on this tour. This is my first trip with my sister so I am really looking forward to it. I hope to meet you guys there. Have a great weekend.


I will be flying to Korean (Seoul) on the 30 June 2010 and will stay there for one day. After that I will catch the next flight to London and I be there a day prior to the tour. I will also be staying one extra day after the tour before catching the returned flight to Sydney via Seoul. I am not sure where I will be staying, I hope Flight Centre will let me know soon.


Hey Guys

Also be sure to join our group on Facebook!
You might find some other people on your trip and it’s also a good place to reunite with friends once the trip is over. You can put up photos, videos, comments or whatever you think might be interesting!

Have a great trip!

Topdeck Team


I feel so much better now knowing that we will all be there together :slight_smile: I am in london on the night of the 30th and i am planning on just shopping in my spare time up until we leave on the 2nd !!! Oxford street ?? i am not sure … I am getting so excited ahaha just need to save money. How much is everyone planning on taking ?? xx


I’m not sure yet how much I’m going to take. I think they suggest about 50euros per day so i’ll probably take about that. I’m thinking I might just take a visa debit card and some GBP and Euros. I’m not too sure what to do with the countries that dont use the Euro as their currency…any ideas?


Still yet to work out my money at this stage. Probably take a visa debit card with GBP & Euros then might already have converted swiss francs and Croatian Kuna and just have that with me. I dont think we will need much of this ???


Hey everyone! I’m daniel from adelaide travelling alone on this trip and looking to get to know sum people before i go. Do we have a facebook page for this trip? If not look foward to hearing from you soon.