Summer Fun + Sailing2nd September - 27th September


Hi there,
Im looking into doing the Summer Fun + Sailing leaving London on the 2nd September.
Im travelling alone and as most people on here i’m looking to see who else is doing this tour?
:slight_smile: Emma



I have just come from the summer sailing, I tell you what I hate selling stuff unless it is really worth it, but I tell what I was a single guy and it was perhaps the best thing I have ever done. Best advice if you were a guy would be pick your nuts up and run with them

You wont be alone by any means…IMHO this is perhaps the best trip Top Deck offer. I was a skipper of one of the yacths and it was the best 3 days of my life. Do it…My tour leader was Noody and she was awesome…

aye if you wanna know more FB me


hi emma,

did you decide to book this tour? i have just booked one of the last spots today! :slight_smile:

i am travelling alone as well, so a bit nervous myself!

hope you decided to go for it, should be a good trip!

karen ;D