Summer Fun & Sailing



Is anyone else doing Summer Fun & Sailing tour departing 1st July?!!


Hi Madi I’m doing this tour departing 1 July as well! Going on my own so very keen to meet new people, are you staying at the Clink hostel before the tour?

Any one else on this tour??!


Hi Madi and Lucy,

I’m also going to be on this tour and travelling by myself (staying at the clink the night before the tour only). Either of you two first time top-deckers or done it before? Not long now, just over 2 months!



Hi Kev, yes this is my first tour I’ve never been to Europe before, how about you? I’m excited, counting down the days!


Neither my first time to Europe nor first tour :). So if you have any questions about doing the tour solo, feel free to ask. I’ve always travelled solo on tours and personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Any part in particular you are looking forward to the most?



Haha I really am a newbie then! I’m just looking forward to the whole experience ! Looking forward to the Greek island sailing :slight_smile: yea I’ve always wanted to do it on my own -force myself out of my comfort zone ;D


Hey Guys,

This is my first trip to Europe too, and first time travelling solo!! So don’t worry Lucy, you’re not the only one! Haha
I am so excited! I’m staying at the Clink the night before as well - can’t wait to meet you guys! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone :slight_smile: myself and my friend Kat are going on this tour, its my first time to Europe but Kat went last year around Octoberfest. We are staying at clink the night before as well however before the tour starts doing our own kinda thing around London, Scotland and Paris. We both are from Brisbane. Ive made a facebook group if you all want to join? might be easier to communicate, i called the tour the wrong thing but… whoops… its under summer sun & sailing July 1 2011. Looking forward to meeting you all and too experiencing what im sure will be some crazy and fun times.

Amy :slight_smile:


Hey Amy!

I’m staying in London for 3 nights at the end of our tour - so you’ll have to recommend some things to do! :slight_smile: Hopefully there will be some other people doing the same thing as me and I won’t be alone!! Can’t wait to meet you girls - I tried joining ur facebook page but couldn’t find it! :frowning:

Just over 6 weeks till our tour starts!!! I’m getting so excited!!! ;D


Hey :slight_smile:
I’m also doing this tour and travelling by myself. I’m staying at the clink hostel as well. I’m also in london four days before the tour starts so it would be great to catch up with you guys.


Hi Madi

It took me some time to find the Facebook group as well but have another search, make sure you’re searching topdeck summer sun and sailing (sun rather than fun)! There’s a few of us on there now so would be good for u to get on there too!

Lucy :slight_smile:


Yay I’ve found the facebook page!! Not long to go now guys… onlly 36 days!!! ;D


Hi everyone! :slight_smile: I’m on this tour! i just booked today, very impulsive of me haha im so excited! apparently got the last seat yay! i too am travelling by myself, have been to europe once before but this is my first tour! i just found the fb page too…cant wait! :slight_smile:


Neither a tour departing Brisbane nor in Adelaide Australia would be great going through a road trips along the ocean’s finest view.