Summer Fun & Sailing


I am doing this tour in 23 July (2010), and wanted to hear recommendations and reviews from past travelers![br][br]Why did you chose this tour, which optional activities did you like best? what are the essential items that you packed, and what advice would you give to people doing this tour in summer!!! And is it true that in Europe, you have to pay to use a bathroom? I heard that in most places, drinking water is sold in the water bottles and when you go to a restaurant, instead of regular (free) tap water - you pay for bottled water??? AND FINALLY, I am planning to bring with me just enough cash for optional activities and use my credit cards for everything else, do most places except Visa and Master credit cards? How much cash should I bring?[br]Any advice would be great!!![br]Is anyone else going on the same date??? If not, when are you gays going and what are you packing?[br][br]Daria[br]