Summer fun & Sailing - Sep 6


So, who else is going?[br]My sister and I are, currently living in Perth, WA, and starting the tour from London. [br]I can’t wait!! ;D


Hey Chloeh[br]Me and my friend are looking forward to the tour aswell and are counting down the days. We are both kiwi chicks and will be starting the tour from paris.:sunglasses:


Hey, Im going to be on this trip too! I depart NZ on the Sept 2nd. Going to be staying at Globe on the 5 Sept. Anyone else staying then too?[br][br]Im so excited!!!8-)[br]Hows everyone else feeling about the trip?:slight_smile:


Hi Kristin and Alison, great to hear a few more people are coming, i was getting worried when there were no threads on this one![br][br]Alison, we’ll be staying at the Globetrotter’s that night too. Did you want to meet up at the bar? [br][br]I’m soo excited too, it’s all i can think about. My sister and I fly out next Monday (Aug 18), and am spending some time in Germany beforehand, meeting some of my relatives. :slight_smile:


Hey ChloeH[br][br]That sounds like a good plan. I going to be staying with my sisters the first couple of nights, so not sure what time will make it to the Hostel. [br][br]So how old are you guys? Im 25, travelling alone. Looking forward to meeting new people


Hi Alison,[br]I’ll be staying at my cousin’s place the night before too, so I’ll have to get back to you about when I’ll be arriving at the Globetrotters also.[br][br]I’m 20 and my sister is 18.[br][br]Do you have facebook? So we’ll recognise eachother.


hey, yeah im on face book. Look up Alison Worthington. Part of the New Zealand network. I have a pink jumper on my photo.[br][br]So how is the packing going? Im having so much trouble trying to figure out exactly what to pack in terms of summer/winter clothes! Ohh so hard!


Will do tomorrow night. I’m Chloe Hunter from Australia, but “Hunter” is a pretty common last name, so I might send you a message. Just about to get my hair done again tonight, as I’m now blonde, and not brunette, as in my picture (though within tagged photos, theres a blonde shot of me and the boy :-[)[br][br]Yeah, packing is… interesting. Being my first big trip, I’m not used to having such a small selection of clothes! I think I’ll mostly pack summery, with things warm enough for the snow on Jungfrau also.[br][br]I leave for Europe on Monday! Argh, I’m so excited, and yet so unorganised.


ANYBODY ELSE ON THIS TRIP???[br][br]Count down is on :)[br]


Hey Alison[br][br]Im 27 and my friends 26 and we are both from Auckland. What part of New Zealand are You from.[br][br]I know what You mean bout the packing we both have had so much trouble. Its now just a mater of what we can fit into our backpacks.[br][br]Looking forward to seeing Europe with new people though.