Summer Fun & Sailing questions - Starting 12th July



My bestfriend and I who are both 21 years old are travelling from the Gold Coast Australia to do summer fun and sailing that starts on the 12th of July! Firstly just seeing out there who else is on it and also if we require to bring sleeping bags? I’ve seen a couple of forums that have said that we do and then some that says we don’t so really want to clear it up if we have to bring one or not?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Olivia,
I’m also on this trip, travelling alone from Melbourne. When are you arriving in London? I have also heard about the sleeping bags, i asked my travel agent about it and he wasn’t sure either. One of my best mates did the summer fun last year and loved it! I’ll double check with him.
Not long to go!!!


Hey brad!

We’re actually meeting up in Paris because we’ve got accommodation is Paris for about 4 night before it starts :slight_smile: yes please check with him! Would hate to get there and not have one haha

Looking forward to meeting you!


We definitely need a sleeping bag for the sail through Greece,
Look forward to catching up in Paris :ok_hand:


Hey Guys,

My girlfriend and I are on this trip. We’re both 23 and from QLD. People are saying take a sleeping bag for the sailing part but I’m slack to carry it so I’m not bothering.

Btw, there is a Topdeck App with a group chat going on with people on our trip, not sure if you knew or not.

Look forward to meeting you both very soon!


Oh cool! How do I get on the chat??? Is it the top deck app??


Yea it’s top deck app and you just need your top deck booking reference. It will come up with your booking details, itinerary, bunch of other stuff and the group chat. Fair few people in it now