Summer Fun & Sailing May 27th 2011



Any other fellow topdeck travellers on the Summer Fun & Sailing departing May 27th? I’ve seen lots of posts on surrounding tour dates but haven’t yet come accross anyone departing on this tour.

I am travelling solo, a little bit nervous…but heaps excited. :slight_smile:



my friends and i are going! but not for the sailing part in the beginning, we are joining halfway through on the european escape tour meeting up with you guys in venice and pretty much finishing your tour with you guys…we are all so excited too!!


Hi Bethany!

I’m so stoked someone finally replied! :slight_smile: I was getting worried there for a minute haha…

I’m getting heaps excited, I can’t wait to meet and party with everyone :)… Only 3 weeks to go :smiley:

How many friends are you travelling with?


i am travelling with 3 others…they are all siblings, i am their friend. you are going solo you said? oh and what’s your name?

haha yeah i just registered for this thing because i wanted to start seeing who was going on our same tour. so far i’ve only seen this post, so i only know about you now!


I’m almost 100% certain I spoke to your friend on the Topdeck facebook site just before… My name is Carni. Yes, I’m going solo… I’m pretty scared!! It’d be nice to have some buddies with me, but I’m looking forward to meeting everyone :smiley:

Can’t wait!!


Carni, JUST YOU WAIT! We traveled with topdeck last summer for the first time and we have the time of our lives. We will all definitely have to go out clubbing… We wont join you guys until the 12th of june… SO TELL EVERYONE NOT TO GET TOO TIRED OF PARTYING AND TO WAIT FOR US!


Haha I’ll spread the word. Guess I’ll see you guys in Venice in a few weeks ;D



;d ;d ;d ;d ;d ;d ;d ;d ;d ;d ;d ;d ;d ;d


Yeah I am also travelling solo, I am doing the London to Venice leg :slight_smile:


I think i may be starting on this trip in Rome and finishing again in Londan. Travelling solo also… see you all there.


:slight_smile: other solo travellers… hooray

can’t wait!


yayy more people, so exciting! have any of you guys toured with topdeck before? i’m a little bit nervous about the safety of the hostels…like when we leave for the day will our stuff be safe? does anyone know how that works? my friends and i toured last summer with topdeck in europe, but we did the eurohotel tour so it was all hotels, not sure how the hostel tour works exactly…


Hey Bethany,

I haven’t toured with them before…and I was wondering the exact same thing! I’m getting a few padlocks for my pack, and also those tag ties. Topdeck are a pretty big company, I’d like to think they would take all precautions to ensure our safety. Anyone had any issues on a EuroClub before?


See you guys in 7 hous :wink: